About Us

Mission Vision

We don’t rely on chance, we don’t allow opportunities to pass us by, and we don’t ignore challenges. By following our vision, keeping to our mission, adhering to company values and our strategic focus, we have laid excellent foundations for Montagen & Kabeltechnik long-term success and stable position in the Spanish and European markets.We create our own future…These goals and values are firmly ensconced in our everyday thoughts, activities and behaviour. Who we are, what we want and do and what we stand behind as individuals and as a company is also of interest to our target groups: customers, suppliers, partners and investors, co-workers, and also the public.If we consistently acknowledge our identity and live it within and without, if we make an active contribution to meet our goals and values, we will create the future we would like to have.MissionWe’re different from the others! By pledging to provide excellent services, we consciously and conscientiously contribute to the success of our customers. Our individual approach to others and strict and thorough attitude towards ourselves makes us better, more reliable and quicker! We expect a lot of ourselves. Only then can our customers also expect a lot from us – and have the certainty that we won’t fail to meet their expectations.VisionOur goal is to be and remain in the position of a sought-after stable partner – specialists in comprehensive services in the area of electric and electronic services for the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to predict and quickly react to market fluctuations and changes in customer needs. Our in-house production capacity and productivity far exceeds that of the competition, allows us to responsibly resolve any chronic time problems that may plague our customers.

Company Values

Seven company values together create a binding framework of behaviour for employees in all positions. They are a useful guideline for their attitudes and behaviour, and point the way to a correct and unified total company direction. Managers and co-workers jointly evaluate what company values mean for each worker and job position, and what influence they should or will have on his work…

Customer focus

We concentrate on our customers’ individual requirements, offer them optimum solutions, and help increase their competitiveness and efficiency. Because our success depends on their success.

Personal involvement 

Only with the strong personal involvement of every individual can we reach our common goals, improve our personal skills and improve company processes. We are therefore prepared to expend a significant effort and to differentiate ourselves thanks to an active work attitude, aware of our own influence on the company’s future success.


We believe in the importance of teamwork and the utilization of synergy and company potential. Only through flexible teamwork will we achieve exceptional results. It is easier and more effective to “do battle” with the competition and problems in a team that cooperates and exchanges knowledge, experience and procedures to prepare itself for further “battles”.


By making effective use of our own broad business and technical knowledge and experiences throughout the company, we persistently contribute to our own ability to place new services, product and applications on the market.


We provide our customers with strictly first-class cost-efficient products, services and solutions. Each one of us places great emphasis on quality – our goal was, is, and shall continue to be to be the best, which is why we are continually striving for improvement.


We conduct ourselves as a trustworthy, loyal and respected partner in all internal and external relationships. For our business partners, we try to be an indispensable teammate capable of effectively utilizing the skills and experience of our own employees in symbiosis with advanced technologies.


We contribute to the stability of equilibrium between social and societal requirements and environmental protection requirements. We create traditions and consciously help build society for future generations.


Quality Management

For us, a satisfied customer means meeting the customer’s requirements and wishes with required quality, for an appropriate price, and to meet agreed-upon delivery dates! Our customers are not only those who purchase our products and use our services, but also those who share in the results of our work – our co-workers.

Quality management system

Our quality management system is the motive force behind constant improvement and quality increase of all our company’s activities. The most important goal of a quality management system is the constant improvement of the implemented system, with an emphasis on process management.


We consider quality to be something self-evident. Each worker must be aware of the fact that he is both a supplier and a customer. This means that he must not only supply quality as required, but must also require it.

Continuous improvement programme

Our continuous improvement programme is focused on all activities that lead to process improvement, an increase in product quality, increased productivity, and reduction of direct and indirect costs with a positive effect product pricing options. A continuous improvement programme and utilization of new developments in science and technology is an effective factor leading to efficiency and effectiveness. One of our main goals is thus to continuously increase the qualifications and skill level of our employees on all levels.

Working with suppliers

In an effort to ensure only high-quality supplies for our products, we select our suppliers carefully and systematically, basing ourselves on principles of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Employee satisfaction

An organization’s greatest asset is an employee educated in his field who performs his work in a responsible fashion. Our employees’ satisfaction and development is supported by an educational programme, a otivational programme, and an ongoing work environment improvement process – because the foundation for our every success is the personal involvement and readiness of each employee.

Owner satisfaction

Meeting the requirements of its owners is one of the basic missions of an organization. Our task is to ensure that we are as attractive as possible for our owners – i.e. to create the best financial results.