Cable Assembly Design

Since the very beginning the design of cable assemblies has been an integral part of value-added services we offer our customers on top of the material itself. Our technicians’ many years of experience with cable assembly structure, prototype production provides us with an excellent foundation for work on various cable assembly design phases, from initial concept to final product. Our rich experience with product design and development, permit the customer to focus his resources exclusively on his key competencies.


Complete cable assembly design

– Prototype documentation
– Prototype / production
– Choosing the proper tools
– Verification of cabling shape and functionality
– Structural modifications

For cable design and the selection and dimensioning of individual components, we use specialized modern software that enables us to efficiently create complete technical documentation already in the functional sample or prototype phase.


Complete technical documentation

– Assembly drawing
– Connection schematic
– Materials list
– List of standardized technical procedures used during design

Our employees’ extensive experience, and a flexible manufacturing process enable us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements – both during the enquiry process and during prototype construction and subsequent launch of mass production


Our capabilities

– Design concept and verification
– Product specification
– Component and supplier selection
– Component substitution
– CAD drawings
– Prototypes
– Packaging
– Testing
– Assistance during approval processes
– Cost reduction
– Reverse engineering