Putting our long experience available to our customers, we manufacture a wide variety of equipment for the elevator industry.
Engage in various electrical installations elevators:


  • Mount control boxes under any specification.
  • Design and manufacturing of enclosures.
  • Manufacture of special enclosures (stainless steel).
  • Management components.
  • Optimization of the wiring.
Wiring door
  • Pre-mounted installations.
  • A measure.
  • Under different regulations
CAR Top Box
  •  Control boxes for cabins (top)
Inspection Stations
  • Boxes of high quality PVC.
  • Pre-wired.
  • With remote signaling devices and 22mm
  • Boxes for installations in accordance with specific requirements.
  • Photocells models.
  • With different lengths
  • Mixed type of interconnection.