From basic ring, spade terminals and FASTON terminals to crimp and solder splices, our crimping contacts and splices are available in a wide array of wire types and sizes. We offer the broadest portfolio that can be used across multiple industries and applications.

Our diferent toolings and machineries gives us no crimping limits, we can crimp from electronic terminals AWG30 – 0,05mm² to big battery cables AWG250 – 225mm².

Crimping Styles:

• Loose
• Cable mount
• 4 points
• Hexagonal
• Insulated

Ultrasonic Welding

Over the last years we have also improved our technologies being able to weld with ultrasound the cable to the requested terminals and products. We can also make ultrasonic welding splices for the Automotive sector.

Ultrasonic welding is a pressure and friction welding technique.

Ultrasonic metal welding is one of the most important joining technologies employed in the manufacture of wire harnesses for the automotive, construction equipment and household appliance industries. Among other things, the process is used for joining multiple wires with each other as well as for joining wires with grounding terminals or high-current contacts. 

Compared with crimping or resistance welding, ultrasonic welding offers numerous advantages. These include the excellent electrical properties of the joint, extremely low energy consumption and comprehensive process control and corresponding process data management.

With this technique we can offer two solutions:

Wire to Wire

Most known as Ultrasonic Splices, our technologically leading machines enable us to weld almost the entire cross-section range in the cable harness (from 0.26 mm² to 30 mm²) – without tool changes or mechanical modifications.

Wire to Contact

Joining wires with grounding terminals or high-current contacts, we are able to reduce the resistance produced by the addition of a material in the crimping at the same time that we increase the tensile strenght between the wire and the contact.