One of the most important processes to guarantee our product quality and reliability is the assembly of the product, all our cables and harnesses are hand-made and assembled one per one, piece by piece by our high qualified and experienced operators.

High precision in our working zone:

We have self-designed and developed an innovative working zone, where the ergonomics of the operators are fundamental and the high precision assembly is essential.

With a unique Plotter special for our working tables, we print all the assembly drawings in 1:1 scale always updated to the lastest version. The cables are assembled over the drawings reducing to the 99% the error range and making the assembly job more intuitive, dynamic and faster.

Electromechanical Assembly work:

Since 1973, , our production capacity is also focused on the area of light electromechanical assemblies (including all the phases, standard or custom). The essence of electromechanical assembly is 100% inspection, quality management based on ISO 9000 standards, first-class suppliers of mechanical partsand surface treatments, as well as a wide assortment of labelling and printing options.

Outsourcing permits customers to increase their own efficiency by concentrating on the essence of their activities. The result of such cooperation is an assembled, fully tested mechanical or electromechanical system that is prepared for installation and meets all customer requirements – using his drawings, specifications and procedures combined with our quality management system processes.

Our guarantee to our customers:

Close and constant contact with the customer in diferent lenguages.

Preservation of complete control over their own product.

The ability to involve their preferred supliers

Production drawings internally managed by an electronic system.

Production and control processes applied via a QMS to all aspects of production