We stand for providing solutions to the requirement of each sector, aiming to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our clients. In the last years, we have focused on innovative sectors such as clean energies among others.

• Rapid Response

• Customer Support

• Up-to-date Technology

• Innovation / Prototype Design

• Value Added Analysis

• Continuous Improvement

• Flexible Approach to Urgent Requirements

• On Time Delivery

100% Quality

What are our services?

The  Design of cable assemblies is an integral part of our added-value services. With our large experience and excellent knowledge we optimize the cable from the very first’s steps of the design until the final production. This allows our costumers to focus his resources exclusively in his key competences.

Our staff is highly qualified to ensure that the production processes have the utmost quality levels and adapted to client demands. This complemented toghether with our European industrial equipment allow us to achieve the best results as price, quality and reliability are concerned.

One of the most important processes to guarantee our product quality and reliability is the assembly of the product, all our cables and harnesses are hand-made and assembled one per one, piece by piece by our high qualified and experienced operators.