We have an important added-value in production. Our staff is highly qualified to ensure that the production processes have the utmost quality levels and adapted to client demands.

Our European industrial equipment and staff achieve the best results as far as price, quality and reliability are concerned.
We have been concerning ourselves with the comprehensive manufacture of cable assemblies for various customer applications (ranging from simple to complex systems) since 1973. Our products can be found in a number of industrial, and applications.
Customers are easily able to tally their own costs and make use of our advantageous services.

Technical facilities

Cutting, crimping, and wire stripping and crimping machines.

Conductor and cable printing and labelling facilities.

Hand and machine crimping equipment.

Tools to produce a wide range of connectors.

Equipment to handle a wide range of heat-shrink materials.

Cable assembly testers up to 1500 Volt.

Crimped connection testers.

We place the same level of importance on prototype production as in mass production. During the manufacturing process, all cables are subjected to a complete  electronic check at least once by our operators. Inspection facilities are designed and built to be fully capable of specific functional tests. The manufacturing process is carried on with documents sent by the customer or if requested, with our technical department custom made drawings and proposals. We can design your project from scratch if desired.