About us:

Based in Barcelona for more than 45 years, Montagen & Kabeltechnik is a Wire processing and Cable manufacturing company, exporting to more than 15 countries.

 In recent years we have intensified our work and been continuously searching for new projects in these sectors, all over the world with special focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Following this market needs we have grown to Mannheim, Germany. Opening in 2018 a technical and sales office: shortening distances and strengthening relations with all Europe.

We don’t rely on chance, we don’t allow opportunities to pass us by ignoring the challenges. By following our vision, adhering to company values and our strategic focus, we have laid excellent foundations for Montagen & Kabeltechnik, achieving a long-term success and stable position in the Spanish and European markets.

We create our own future…These goals and values are firmly ensconced in our everyday thoughts, activities and behavior. Who we are, what we want and what we stand behind as individuals and as a company. This is also of interest to our target groups: customers, suppliers, partners and investors, co-workers, and also the public. If we consistently acknowledge our identity, if we make an active contribution to meet our goals and values, we will create the future we would like to have.