With more than 45 years of accumulated expertise, we have developed our core competencies in the cooperation developed with market-leading customers in various fields:


Whether it is sensors, plate connections up to industrial 3D printing machines, we are experts providing electronic solutions of any gadget.

Trucks & Cranes

We do everything from battery cables to electronic harnesses, including all control panels and device types.

Lift & Doors

Whether limit switches, control panels, doors or up to 30 meter travelling cables, we have stock of halogen free or double face cables special designed and manufactured for the sector.


We are international leaders of solar cables, string boxes cable solutions, in-line fuses and any special request for the PV industry.

Health & Mobility

From wheelchairs to surgery machines, we have also developed and produced the cables of respirators for Covid19 patients.


From city lights projects to special fusion lamps, we have special requirements
cables to produce any cable of the sector.


We are responsables of the wiring manufacturing solution for integrated protection, control and telecomunication systems.

Home Appliances

From small devices as Room-heaters to industrial washing machines, we can manufacture every wire needed in this sector.