Main Customers

Our commitment to mobility and clean energy generation has borne fruit. In recent years Montagen & Kabeltechnik has intensified its work in workingWe are continously searching for new projects in these sectors, all over the world with special focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


One thing leads to another and therefore customer satisfaction and positive approval from them, has given us the opportunity to position ourselves with other companies.

Our “know-how” and our flexibility has led our clients to recommend our work and this has expanded our portfolio of clients and projects with several companies. Standing in exponential growth sectors of our workload increases every day.

Our ongoing work on providing custom tailored solutions has positioned us as a preferred supplier to several companies in these sectors. These new markets give us the opportunity to significantly expand our sales and recruitment.

  • Engineering Department: Our technical departmentworks closely together with our customers to facilitate and support in our field.
  • Design Department: We are in constant technological development, in order to offer our customers the best products at the best prices, developing electrical installations for you.

 Our Projects

  • Electric Vehicles:

Design development and production of connections without loss of energy-optimized conductivity. Ultra flexible wiring systems. Battery Charging Cables for the connection to the electric supply. Development of control tables. Battery life up to 200 km without fuel.

  • Electric Motors:

Design and development of envirenment friendly systems for parcel transportation. Production of wiring and control systems to operate and drive. Auto load by means of movement. Development and implementation of IP 67 seal on all models.

  •  Power Generation:
Power generation and gas through electrolysis for different applications. Design development and production of connection with the optimization of conductivity.
  • Electrical Enclosures:

Cabling design and installation of control cabinets and control of wind farms, solar plants and distribution centers and processing. Mounting boxes full control and optimization. Work of verification and control of all equipment. Production of all metal parts in Spain. Production of all the special cables by our joint venture partner.

  • Industrial Product Design Development:
Prototype development. Design and manufacturing of electric control panels and joystick controls. Optimization of the charging system and the wiring. Secondary system in case of pulse discharge. Grid connection.